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Program Board of the Clash of Realities Conference | 11

I Keynotes

Clash at Clash of Realities
Eric Zimmerman | 19

How Close Are We to the Holodeck?
Janet H. Murray | 29

The Potential of Procedurally-Generated Narrative in Video Games
Mark J. P. Wolf  | 45

Cinema and Game Spaces. Contingency as Our New Causality
Thomas Elsaesser  | 57

More About Everything
David OReilly  | 77

Play, Games, and the Good Life
Miguel Sicart  | 83

II.1 Game Studies Summit

Benjamin Beil, Gundolf S. Freyermuth, Hanns Christian Schmidt  | 93

Transmedia Storytelling. Twelve Postulates
Gundolf S. Freyermuth  | 97

Worlds Apart? Game Worlds Versus Other Imaginary Worlds
Mark J. P. Wolf  | 127

Playing (with) Star Wars
James Newman  | 143

Time, Memory, and Longing in Transmedial Storytelling
Susana Tosca  | 159

Playing with Stories, Playing in Worlds. Transmedia(l) Approaches to Video Games
Hanns Christian Schmidt  | 175

A Game of Playful Art. Transmedia Auteurs, Genre Settings, and the Cineludic Form
Andreas Rauscher  | 195

Marshmallows and Bullets
Federico Alvarez Igarzábal  | 217

Teaching Game Studies.
Experiences and Lessons from Tampere
Frans Mäyrä  | 235

II.2 Media Pedagogy and Media Ethics Summit

Angela Tillmann, André Weßel  | 245

Not Just a Game. Media Activity in Digital Gaming Worlds as a Preliminary Stage of Participation
Angelika Beranek, Sebastian Ring  | 249

This Moral of Mine. Reflecting Ethical Decision-Making with Digital Games
André Weßel  | 267

Making Ethical Decisions in Serious Games
Sonja Gabriel  | 291

Moral Dilemmas in Digital Games
Jeffrey Wimmer  | 311

The Good, the Bad, and the Inbetween. Using Digital Games for Ethics Education
André Weßel, Maike Groen  | 323

Bioethics and Biofacts in Digital Games
Arno Görgen  | 339

Pokémon Go. User-Created Social Environments in a Single Player Game
Christian Toth  | 365

Spaces of Possibility? Aspects of Spatiality in Online Role-Playing Games
Arne Schröder  | 377

Beyond the Multi-Player. Exploring Sociality in Single Player Videogames
Kelly Boudreau  | 387

Camping N00b-Tuber and Other Annoying Players. Unfairness and Its Regulation
Thomas West  | 401

Bodies That Matter in the Pursuit of Esports
Emma Witkowski  | 417

Gamers(’) Talk. A Conversation Analytic Approach to Let’s Play Videos
Ute Barbara Schilly  | 441

II.3 Film and Games Summit

Lisa Gotto  | 461

Serial Games. On the Philosophy of Difference and Repetition in Moving Images
Lorenz Engell  | 465

Games That Play People. The Facts in the Case of D. Cronenberg
Bernd Herzogenrath  | 481

Abu Goat
Rembert Hueser  | 489

II.4 Game Development Summit

Björn Bartholdy  | 507

The Aesthetics of Choice. A Question from the Outside
Klaus Gasteier  | 509

Games as a Source of Future Memory. A Typology
Daniela Kuka  | 523

My Hyperideal Self. Identification and Objectification in Digital Games
Nina Kiel  | 547

Play It Again, Sam
Michael Erlhoff  | 559

Open Development as Disruptive Game Design Practice
Ortwin Freyermuth  | 565

II.5 Games Preservation Summit

Martin Lorber  | 593

Play, Things and Playthings. Approaches to Videogame Preservation
James Newman  | 595

Preserving Games from Concept to Creation. A Perspective from the Business Side
Stefan Serbicki  | 611

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